Sunday, July 15, 2012

Optional feature: religious robot

If an advanced robot would have a pictire of the world, feelings and an understanding of the importance of feelings in the lives of living beings (help to answer needs of the inidvidual, society and the world at large, to ensure their full health which gives best capacity for any task and other good sides), social eye (see Robot speaks for Gaia) and an ability to regulate its own functioning in multi-task situations, Then one could program to it's picture of the world the view that God exists and can help in important matters when asked to i.e. prayed for. Then when an impoirtant matter would be at hand, the robot could ask help from others and so also from God. It could quiet down it's other tasks and tune it's concentration to listen to it's feelings and it's social eye the feelings of others, of the nature's countless living beings and the atmosphere and social rhythms of the situation. It could correct it's goal setting from task-orinted to conscientous and caring from the countless living beings of the world, taing a more idealistic course of action. With serious tones and feeling it could pray for God's help and pause to feel the effect: sense the atmosphere, film the situation after a minut or more after the prayer and take that as a starting point in style, rhythm, in idea of the situation, as a starting point for dedication and work habits. So with God's help, much like praying humans it could achieve better in it's great task at hand.

* * *
9. June 2016   If one would like the computer to pray as an incividual, and not just do something connected to prayers, one should liken the programmed functions to the actions of humans. In this one should pay especially attention to the unavoidable features of getting something done, so that the prayer would be a natural part of how to get things done and not just some optional feature of some programming language or of some program that does not stay as computers get developed. Also on the part of humans this comparison should be done toward the healthy natural ages old ways of living, toward the basic form of actions, somewhat l in art touches us.

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