Sunday, October 7, 2018

Gnome like life

I am not interested in fairy tales, at least not much, but I happened to read a book about gnomes since it is near nature and traditional ways of living, kind of wisdom of life too. So I wrote a short Finnish text about gnome like things in modern town life, and there was nothing so special in it. But when I two weeks later translated it to English, I got stuck in the subject, feeling that the English audience longs for something like such, especially with the links to my pages. One possible group is engineers, engineering students etc who search for some homely style. Here is the text about gnomes, with links: .

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Information in the internet

Lots of good suggestions come to the ones in the office of some hobby organization, work place or so. But the office does not spread so much of that information to the whole organization plus to the people interested in the subject. So there should be a discussion group to which send such input.
And since when interested in soem subject it would be very important to find information about it's main skills, general picture of the world, values and of different subjects in that area, and not just about the latest posts. This is why the discussion group should not be organized on a time scale but instead on depending on which subjects the texts are about and what are the best sources of information about them, even if they are years and years old but stil valid, still the reason many white abouty smaller details, because good material already exists and all are not as skilled in the subjects, so one would like to read the best material even if it is old. And find it immediately and not only after managing to organize the material in some other way.

Two old videos of mine about computers

From my old video channel

I took both videos myself, the camera on a stool or in my other hand.

Beginner's guide to using computers

How to build feelings to computers

Saturday, April 21, 2018

About building military robots

I do not have much more to say about building military robots. Those seem to reflect the interests and cultures of the nations that build them. So that they are in the area of negotiation skills, knowing cultures and social eye. But beneficality grounds for moralquarantee that one can build military robots to be moral and that isn't a drawback for them but instead is advantageous to military force, to the well working of one's nation and to it's position. But in each case that may depend on the local views on moral, since all of them do not necessarily have beneficality grounds.
Likewise there may be many types of social eye and lot depend on which group is considered to handle well the tasks with social eye, since they do not necessarily have the same values, the same school background, not even be of the same nation or race. In hat it does matter that the choices would still respect what ios a big question and what is a small one, like if one gets classified to be of a certain type with certain endeavours, that does not allow one to mishandle large scale questions and other big things, not even if one is (mis)classified as the best one in them. Still that is how socially skilled not moral persons often mishandle things, values and persons' whole lives. The Finnish culture has some skills of classifying what one is presently doing and what it means from the point of view of larger wholes and of good life in good living circumstancies.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Future computers, summarized

For computers: feelings (goal oriented action is like the effect of feelings), rationality (the natural sciences and their measurements use largely math and maps) and moral (beneficality grounds on a mechanical language) objectively

Sunday, March 4, 2018

About the future of the internet

Observe! This is not my by far most noteworthy text about the future of computers. Fot my main text about the future of computersters, which classifies as philosophy, see the earliest post of thius blog

About the future of the internet

As internet has gotten some years older, it seems that the is coming a higher standard of the quality of the material in the internet, and thatlibrarians' education in information science(?) would have good skills in classifying, finding and offering for a wide audience also the materials in the internet. Mostly roughly different classifications, different places to find material of different type, like pictures, or videos, or texts, or shops, is  in a way handy, while of course is needed the possibility to use them to making internet pages etc. Also classifications around some subject or class of things like hobby groups, and links in between is often handy. But first attempts at producing material, maybe in the long run are not the main content of the internet from the point of view of users, except that often first attempts are with a good spirit, diligent work and so in a way of very good quality. My opinion is that there should not be very personal material in the internet, or it may go to wrong hands who do not themselves observe such, respect such, do not follow civilized ways - unless of course the security measures are made much much better and people learn a new way of guarding privacy and their personal rights especially against people from different continents, from very different cultures. The use of the internet in helping to use everyday and work devices seems likely and handy, even though in it too, security measures and a not too wide environment would be needed. At large it seems that being totally global isn't a good idea, since the culturaldifferencies, differencies in climate and consequently in rythm and needed character traits are huge, and so are the differencies in main professions, military circumstancies, etc, so that often a more local approach or maybe to read pages in the internet, to which you can only come via a certain route (pictures, information (characteristics), steps needed to go there) to visit, to always inform and remind you of the distance and the nature of the area whose pages you visit.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thinking skills

I have written a lot about learning objective thinking at but it is in Finnish. There is a basic course in objective thinking, of which you can find an English translation at , and then there are, mostly in Finnish but something in English too, advices in developing in intelligence with the help of other areas of life.
There are also advices abour developing in intelligence in my old video channel on playlists Increasing intelligence and Rationality of feelings there.
About work efficiency in engineering type of work, but also on other types of work, see the book on a link from the first blog post at .

If one wonders what typically Finnish there is in my thinking skills, maybe the advices about choosing good strategies in life would be an important part of that .