Friday, November 9, 2018

Sewing and painting, in connection with computer skills

Knitting is stupid and repetitive,not good for the intellect. But sewing and painting are both good for the intellect. In them one uses seen perception and the sense of atmospheres and thiks about life at large. In both what one does leaves a clear and lasting effect from which to remember what one did and how. In both the end result is estimated accprding to how good it is.
My quite easy advice about sewing clothes without formulae could propably helpin solving other kinds of problems too: how do you transform your natural insight into a detailed view of how to build such.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Gnome like life

I am not interested in fairy tales, at least not much, but I happened to read a book about gnomes since it is near nature and traditional ways of living, kind of wisdom of life too. So I wrote a short Finnish text about gnome like things in modern town life, and there was nothing so special in it. But when I two weeks later translated it to English, I got stuck in the subject, feeling that the English audience longs for something like such, especially with the links to my pages. One possible group is engineers, engineering students etc who search for some homely style. Here is the text about gnomes, with links: .

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Information in the internet

Lots of good suggestions come to the ones in the office of some hobby organization, work place or so. But the office does not spread so much of that information to the whole organization plus to the people interested in the subject. So there should be a discussion group to which send such input.
And since when interested in soem subject it would be very important to find information about it's main skills, general picture of the world, values and of different subjects in that area, and not just about the latest posts. This is why the discussion group should not be organized on a time scale but instead on depending on which subjects the texts are about and what are the best sources of information about them, even if they are years and years old but stil valid, still the reason many white abouty smaller details, because good material already exists and all are not as skilled in the subjects, so one would like to read the best material even if it is old. And find it immediately and not only after managing to organize the material in some other way.

Two old videos of mine about computers

From my old video channel

I took both videos myself, the camera on a stool or in my other hand.

Beginner's guide to using computers

How to build feelings to computers

Saturday, April 21, 2018

About building military robots

I do not have much more to say about building military robots. Those seem to reflect the interests and cultures of the nations that build them. So that they are in the area of negotiation skills, knowing cultures and social eye. But beneficality grounds for moralquarantee that one can build military robots to be moral and that isn't a drawback for them but instead is advantageous to military force, to the well working of one's nation and to it's position. But in each case that may depend on the local views on moral, since all of them do not necessarily have beneficality grounds.
Likewise there may be many types of social eye and lot depend on which group is considered to handle well the tasks with social eye, since they do not necessarily have the same values, the same school background, not even be of the same nation or race. In hat it does matter that the choices would still respect what ios a big question and what is a small one, like if one gets classified to be of a certain type with certain endeavours, that does not allow one to mishandle large scale questions and other big things, not even if one is (mis)classified as the best one in them. Still that is how socially skilled not moral persons often mishandle things, values and persons' whole lives. The Finnish culture has some skills of classifying what one is presently doing and what it means from the point of view of larger wholes and of good life in good living circumstancies.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Future computers, summarized

For computers: feelings (goal oriented action is like the effect of feelings), rationality (the natural sciences and their measurements use largely math and maps) and moral (beneficality grounds on a mechanical language) objectively

Sunday, March 4, 2018

About the future of the internet

Observe! This is not my by far most noteworthy text about the future of computers. Fot my main text about the future of computersters, which classifies as philosophy, see the earliest post of thius blog

About the future of the internet

As internet has gotten some years older, it seems that the is coming a higher standard of the quality of the material in the internet, and thatlibrarians' education in information science(?) would have good skills in classifying, finding and offering for a wide audience also the materials in the internet. Mostly roughly different classifications, different places to find material of different type, like pictures, or videos, or texts, or shops, is  in a way handy, while of course is needed the possibility to use them to making internet pages etc. Also classifications around some subject or class of things like hobby groups, and links in between is often handy. But first attempts at producing material, maybe in the long run are not the main content of the internet from the point of view of users, except that often first attempts are with a good spirit, diligent work and so in a way of very good quality. My opinion is that there should not be very personal material in the internet, or it may go to wrong hands who do not themselves observe such, respect such, do not follow civilized ways - unless of course the security measures are made much much better and people learn a new way of guarding privacy and their personal rights especially against people from different continents, from very different cultures. The use of the internet in helping to use everyday and work devices seems likely and handy, even though in it too, security measures and a not too wide environment would be needed. At large it seems that being totally global isn't a good idea, since the culturaldifferencies, differencies in climate and consequently in rythm and needed character traits are huge, and so are the differencies in main professions, military circumstancies, etc, so that often a more local approach or maybe to read pages in the internet, to which you can only come via a certain route (pictures, information (characteristics), steps needed to go there) to visit, to always inform and remind you of the distance and the nature of the area whose pages you visit.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thinking skills

I have written a lot about learning objective thinking at but it is in Finnish. There is a basic course in objective thinking, of which you can find an English translation at , and then there are, mostly in Finnish but something in English too, advices in developing in intelligence with the help of other areas of life.
There are also advices abour developing in intelligence in my old video channel on playlists Increasing intelligence and Rationality of feelings there.
About work efficiency in engineering type of work, but also on other types of work, see the book on a link from the first blog post at .

If one wonders what typically Finnish there is in my thinking skills, maybe the advices about choosing good strategies in life would be an important part of that .

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Side-step: knitting

Many women would like to try if they can think of computers in some way that benefits fromknitting, since both have kind of mechanical parts from which to build something more complex. I do not know if there is anything much that one can learn that way, but propably many would like to try anyway, since they psend a lot of time knitting. So here are knitting advices that I have made, translated from Finnish to English . But I haven't knitted much. The first usable cloth that I have knitted was last year December a pair of mittens:

4.12.2017   There are many knitting advices in my text already: loops, socks, mittens, counting, figures, threads, work rythm, planning & correcting errors, etc
My opinion is that since computers are mechanical, kind of stupid, and knitting has the same fault too, there isn't much that one could learn by knitting. But on the other hand if one knits figures or pictures, then there is the sma that like a computer does, one knits for a certain time on a certain colour and then according to some rule it ends on some row at a certain point and one continues with another colour, like a computer with another task or another phace of the same task. One the next row one often knits with the same colours, so it too is like a computer having simple tasks from which it mechanically builds the end result, like for example a picture to the computer screen or the text on the screen. One can also learn work habits: how do I rise above the stupid level to produce something fine, which of course usually goes carried by other more complex and wise areas of life. There is also the fact that even though the task itself is simple and does not give rise to any fine thinking, it is important to think through ways of doing and ways of working, work habits and planning phaces with a good understanding about life, skills and ways of doing at large, endurancy, motivation, comfortability at work etc, plus also about whether one oneself wants to spend lots of time in such tasks and how one should communicate about whether one likes knitting or not.

8. November 2018   In knitting woolen socks many find knitting the heel difficult. It is propably a consequence of knitting being a simple repetitive task that requires attention but does not leave in sight almost at all the way one used attention in doing, and so one ends up much more stupid than to begin with, and so many women do not find a good way to knit the heel of a woolen sock, it is just a disaster. The other thing causingthe problem with the heel is that women have heard that knitting the heel is difficult, so they seek advices for it, but the advices are not so wise, anfd so they lose their original insight when following the advices. I guessed that this was the problem with the heel, so I did not look at any advices about knitting the heel, but just looked at a good sock, but not very detailedly, and I knitted a good heel according to my own common sense view of what the heel ought to be like: first the width of the back of the heel, then at each row wider like the heel gets wider, and when wide enough and enough space for the foot, then straight, and continue the sock to finish. The only part I needed from ready sock was knitting back and forth before starting the heel itself.
This is like with computer programming and using computers: people have common sense views and emotionally motivated goals, even wider wisdom about what is good in the society and in the world, and so starting according to their own common sense, they can reach good results! It is in a way an easy task for them. But if they drown in studying computer programming or what others have done with computers before and what is possible already and what not, they lose their own insight, their own common sense and are much more stupid, and so the computer professions are kind of stuck. Some also make the rror of thinking that since computers are a new area of life one would not need to follow civilized ways in connection with them, but civilized ways are wise, they offer solutions, that is why they exist and are valued, and such solutions are on a generallevel that very often applies to computers too and to the modern world, if one just is good enough in civilized objkective thinking.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Olen tässä viimeisemn vuorokauden kuluessa ekaa kertaa kokeillut Twitteriä. Kirjoitan ensivaikutelmistani jotakin, jotteivöt ne ehdi kadota.
Twitterin ilmapiiri tuntuu olevan, ettämonilukee twiittejä muttei käy niiden linkeissä edes kiinnostavissa, ja niin jutut näyttävät menevän ohitse ymmärtämättä sen sijaan, että olisivat sukellus johonkin.
Lieneekö Twitterin ilmeessä vaimissä mutta liian helpostikirjottaa sinne itse jotakin ja liian nooeaan, kuin nuorta miestä tai afrikkalaista matkien. Kommunikaatio kärsii siitäpaljon.
Twiittien pituuden pitäisi olla asia kunnolla mutta kompaktisti, yksi tai kaksi linkkiä (tai kenties kolme) ja lisäksi hakusanat, luokituksetvaimitäne ovatkaan. Niinpä viestien pituudent ulisi olla hakusanojen viemän tilan verran pidempi kuinmihinnyt ont ilaa. Voisi esim. viestiruudun alla olla hakusanaruutu kuten blogeissakin. Myös linkit voisivat vaatia lisäät ilaa, kenties oman ruutunsa.
Twitterin tyyli tuntuu olevan, että jutut tulevat liian äkkiä pam päälle ja sitten taas jäävät. Se johtuu siitä, ettei niitä ole ruudulla yhtä aikaa edes muutama. Auttaa aika paljon, kun pienenpää tekstinkokoa. Samoin olisi hyvä, etteivät kuvat olisi tekstin seassa vaan sen vieressä, esim. molemmin uolin, jolloin yksi kuva visi olla kahden twiitinkorkuinen. Sen sijaan, jos linkitettyjä sivujaesitelläänkuvin, niin neolisivat ihan kivoja tekstin alla, jotenkin sosiaalisemia kuin twiitin vieressä.
Osaamattomana sain kamalan määrän twiittejä näkyviin,monet ulkomailta ties mistä. Olisi hyvä, että twiittien lähteelleolisi jokin helo valikoimistapa,jolla karsia suurta määrrää ienemmäksi tekemättä kamalan isoja äätöksiä vastaisesta lukemisestaan mutta joutumatta kamalaan työhön twiittien karsimisessakaan.
Kun tein haun, tulleet twiitit eivät olleet aikajärjestyksessä mutta olivat viime ajoilta vain. Mikä tuo juttu on, ettävoi käydä läi aiheiirin (esim. ajallisesti), kun se on liianlaaja. Toimivatko suodayttimet hyvin? Niitä en ehtinyt kokeilla. Hakusanoissa itäisi kai olla yleinen aiheluokka ja toisaalta juuri tuon twiitin aihe, jos siinä on jokin linkki, mikä olisi kiva jälkikäteen löytää.Samoi olisi hyvä voida hakea usealla tekijällä yhtä aikaa. Siitä en tiedä, miten se onnistuu nykyisin.

Ihan ekan kerran Twitteriä kokeiltuani minulla oli mielessäni ista sen mahdollisista käyttötavoista, lähinnä eri ihmisillä erilaisista, mutta sitten sen unohdin jo.
Ainakin voi twiitissään suositella kiinnostavia sivuja, esittää ajatuksen, tiedottaa, osallistus sosiaalisesti, esittää sosiaalisen kommentin, pitää sosiaalisesti yhteyttä, mutten noita kaikkia musita.
Yksi Twitterin kyttötapa on seurata ammatin tai aihepiirin keskustelua ym tiedotusta .

14.9.2017   Jäi jotenkin huono olo tuosta Twitterin käytöstä, särkyjä nyt jokolmantenma iltana, kun en oel sitä käyttänyt. Voiko olla, että Twitterin laatu on jotenkin huono, uonompi kuin mitä sitäkäyttäessään luulisi, ja niin jäähuono olo,suorastaan särkyjä? Se on ikävää, kun jos ei huonoalaatua huomaa, kun twiitit ovat liian lyhyitä jalinkkejä ei aina lue, niin oma laatutaso heikkenee ja siis Twitterin käytön yleisyyden myötä ison porukan laatu heikkenee. Eli noihin vieteihin pitäisi mahtua edes yksi lause! Jos taas ajattelun taitoja ym Twitterin käytössä tarvittavia taitoja haluaa muutoinkin kehittää, niin siihen auttaisivat harrastukset yms,jotak yleensä parantavat ymmärrystä ja taitoja, esim. aikakausilehtien lukeminen.

16.9.2017   En tuista Twitterin sosiaalisuudesta niin tiedä,kun jokin sosiaalinen tyyli siellä näkyy olevan ärtsy kuin ei jaksaisi ja olisi ärsyyntynyt, niuho tms,mutta tavallisen asiakeskustelun sosiaalisuuden kanssa se tuntuisi menevän, kuin samaa harrastavien ympyröissä keskustellen.
Oma osoitteeni on @khtervola, KaisaHanneleTervola.

Mun koirat tuumii, että nekin haluais twiitata. Niidenmielestä hyönteinen sanoo "hei twiit hei"  ja siinä olisi niiden mielestäparas esikuva twiitille, koko twiitterin olemassaolon tarkoitus, että ihmiset oppisivat ottamaan tuossa mallia eläimiltä. Huomautin siihen,että twiitin pitäisi sitten olla pidempi, kun eihän siinä ole äänensävyjäniin kuin hyönteisen viestissä on tunnelma ja sosiaalinen kommunikaatio. Mutta koirien mielestä hyönteisen viestissäkin on muutama tärppi, juttu johon tarttua, jos on kiinnostunut tutustumaan sellaiseen hyönteishenkilöön, ihan niin kuin twiitissä.

17.7.2017   Twitterissä käytetään aivan liian huonoa kieltä siksi, että viestien tilaan eimahdu hyvällä kielelläkirjoitettuja tavallisia kunnon ajatuksia. Tilan pitäisi olla kai ainakin 1,5 riviä pidempi.
Twitter on myös yhtä aikaa työ- ja vapaa-ajansaittija sotkee nuo jotenkin huonolla, liian epäselvällä tavalla. Työstä eivät tulee esiin ne kunnolliset asiapuolet ja työsaavutukset, jotka työssä ideana ovat, sekä hyvä työntekotapa, vaan sosiaalinen väsähtäneisyys, repivyys, aikataulujen hankaluus yms mitkä vapaa-ajan saitilla tulevat sotketuksi ilkeilyyn tms piirteisiin mistä sosiaalisesti kopioidaan, tavallaan tullaan ottaneiksimallia. Siksi työ- ja vapaa-ajansisällön esitystavan pitäisi olla jotenkin erilainen, esim. työtekstit kunnollisia selkeitä asiatekstejä ja linkeillä näkyvissä tekstin alla ruudussa tms niin kuin jotkin linkit näyttävät olevan, muttent iedä, mitkä.

18.7.2017   Olin tosiaan viime viikollakolmena iltana ja yönä kipeänä säryistä,jotka jotenkin tulkivat siitä, että maanantaina liityin Twitteriin, tosi yllättävää, mutta voiko olla, että Twitterin viestitystapa on jotenkin huonolaatuisempi kuin miltä näyttää, että se esim. sosiaalistaa liian vahvasti käyttökulttuuriin,jokaei ole muotoutunut viisaaksi? Tavallinen apu moiseen on turvata niihin elämänalueisiin, joilla sellaiset seikat osataan, kuten hyvälaatuinen kirjallisuus, myös kaunokirjallisuus, sekä lehdet. Ja taiteet,uskonto, elämänviisaus yms. Pitäisi tuollaisista jo olemassaolevista hyvälaatuisista palasista rakentaa uuteen toimivuus eikä olettaa sen jotenmin itsestään syntyvänmihin vain yritelmään. Siksi tuota vietitilaa pitäisi olla lauseenplus hakusanojen ja linkin verran eikä 1,5 riviä liian vähän. Käyttäjämäärän runsaus ei auta, jos nämä on sosiaalistettu yhteen kaavaan, vaan pitäisi sallia omia lähestymistapoja, liian karsimisen kustannuksella.
Tässä näitä taito-ohjelinkkejäni: , ja

19.9.2017   Tuon Twitterin laadfun heikentää paitsi se, että tilanpuutteen vuoksi joutuu tinkimäänlaadusta ja tyylistä, etenkin se, ettätwiitit tehdään hoputettuna, heti paikalla, nuoren miehen tapaan, ei niin fiksun ja kokeneen, monipuolisesti viisaa, elämänviisaan ja tervehenkisen ohjauksessa.  Twiitti on omanlaisensa viestiväline, omanlaisensa hetki siksi, että sillä voi ainakin osan aikaa tavoittaa niin valtavan määrän lukijoita. Siksi viestimiselle pitäisi omistaa aikaavähän samaan tapaan kuin jos istuutuu soittamaan pianoa tms, niin on tuokio ihan vain musiikille, muu ei ole hyväksi musiikille ja musiikin hyödyille. Samoin twiitti on omanlaisensa, ja niin iso juttu elämässä, että pitäisi antaa sille täysi huomioo ja täysipanostus, ihan niin kuin tutun kanssa puhelimessakin juttulee juurit uon tutun kanssa eikä puhelimen myyjän tyylin tms mukaan tai sekuntikelloa vilkuillen. Pitäisi miettiä, mikä on hyvä viesti, milalinen viesti arvokas,sellainen, jonka haluan välittää laajemmalle kuulijakunnalle. Sittenpitäisimiettiäasialle hyvä opetustapa: kuinka kerron tämän, kun toiset eivät ole harrastaneet samaa tai ainakaan samasta vinkkelistä, mitä ovat ne perusjutut joita tarvitsee kertoa ja miten nehyvin oppii, mistä päin lähestyä asiaa,mitä huomionarvoista siinä on, mikä hyvä ajattelutapa yms elämänlokero, johon se kuuluu, keille viestin, mitä se olisilyhyessäpuhelintiedotusmaisessamuodossa, että muistakaa tästä nyt sittena inakin se että. Aikaa tuohon tarttisi varata ainakin minuutista muutamaan minuuttiin, joson  tärkeää kertoa asia heti, ja muutoin tarpeellisen verran kuinolisi oman harrastuksen tekemisiä, esim.pari päivää silloin tällöinpohtien ja sorvaillen.
Tilaa viesteille tarvittaisiin niin, ettei tyyli ja laatu karsiudu pois ja jäljelle jää raato, raunio.

26.9.2017   Vilkaisin taas Twitteriä. Nyt kun minä olen ollut Twitter-käyttäjä hiukan yli kaksi viikkoa, niin twiittien joukkoon oli ilmestynyt kummallisia englanninkielisiä viestejä ei-ollenkaan pääuutisten tasoisilta henkilöiltä, jotak olivat kummalla tavalla sosiaalisia, kuin pilatakseen lastensa kiinnostuksenkohgteet Twitterissä. Luulevatko he, että aikuinen ikä riittää? Mutta twiitatakseen tarviutsisis kai olla ko aiheen innokas kannattaja, sem harrastaja sydämestään, sillä muutoin tulee liian huonolaatuisa twiittejä. Omien lastensa aihepiirejä ei saisi vallata eikä kirjoittaa puppua siksi, ettähaluaa itsekin osallistua, vaan pitäisi valita aihe, josta itse on sydämestään harrastunut ja josta osaa paljon - ei esim. uutisia, jollei kimmokkeena ole kiinnostus uutisten aiheeseen eikä twiittaamisen halu. Vai laittaako Twitter näitä ihan väärille ryhmille luettaviksi?

2.1.2018   En ole aikoihin lukenut Twitteriä, koska sain siitä särkyjä ja se tuntui epäviisaalta, viestit liian lyhyiltä ja epäviisaalla tavalla työmäisiltä. Säryistä eroon päästäkseni lopetin Twitterin käytön ja vähää myöhemmin toipilaana aloin kutoa. Kutominen tyhmentää, ja niin se ei sovi yhteen korjaamista vaativien asioiden kuten Twitterin kanssa, mutta moni ei-niin-fiksu nainen kai kutoo Twitteriä käyttäessään,luulen. Olen viimeisen vuoden aikana laatinut ison kasan kutomisohjeita ja kääntänyt niitä englanniksikin: , mutten tuosta osannut kuin vähän osin ratkaista tuota kutomisen tyhmentävyyden ongelmaa.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

User-friendliness of present-day computers

This is not theory but an observation.
I used to live in the capital district of Finland where people are academical and see computers quite like engineers. Then 8 years ago I moved to eastern Finland to Savonlinna which is a countryside town with an aóld castle where an opera festival is kept every July and where travel, art, countryside with summer cottages and practical professions, maybe elderly and religion are important as sourcesof income and giving characteristics to the district.
Here in Savonlinna I first bought a black portable computer because my old table computer had gotten broken, but I did not get the black computer to work and the style of the problems had some style of criminals. So I sold it and bought a white portable computer which was good to write with, kind of good for diligent work with an objective picture of the whole, handy like things at academical wrok and kind of tidy. When it got broken, I bought a red portable computer with a black keyboard (hp) which is kind of leisurely, with easy shortcuts, easy to use but not for engineering type of computer work, found myself enjoying sitting by the computer writing,a dding pictures or maybe watching a musical, reading news etc, it is kind of like an old woolen sock: not so fine looks but comfortable to use. So the colours of the computers seem to connect with the way they are handy to use, which is good to know.
This summer I also bought a printer (hp DeskJet 2130) from Savonlinna It was cheap but printed nice style like holiday or fine or opera or summer cottage, kind of like an old man in sound and rythm, and it hasn't disturbed me at all like other printers in the odl times. I feel that I have found a way to get along with the computers and so the future with computers as needed equipment seems much more easy to bear. I have the impression that in these things success means much better löife in the society, and so a less questioned place for the technology too.
In Savonlinna one learns skills for practical proessions, art,  travel and religion, aslo for creating peaceful life like grandmama's and -papa's house. In Finnish I have written advices about learning such skills: . Maybe those could be of some use in learning also things like this.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A more pleasant sound for using the computer keyboard

110. The point of view of some men is very much according to education, kind of narrow and not so intelligent, not adapting to situations and not understanding the rest of the life in the society. It would be good to vary one's way of doing and one's way to approach things according to common sense and according to the situation: sometimes it is good to be practical, sometimes one needs a good memory, or educated thinking, common sense, motion, feelings or whatever suits the situation. Likewise when working it is good to notice the landscape of life at large with it'sphenomena: with it's social contacts, happenings, journeys, approaching holidays etc. Like that one can train one's common sense and one's understanding about life.
This way a more skilled person can learn to vary the rythm of writing on computer keyboard, so that one feels somehow more comfortable and the sound is nicer, better suited to other things to do and to listening one's own views."
From my text about healthy natural ways of living

Friday, May 5, 2017

About me as a thinker

I have written about how I learned thinking as a child and about what I have written about (some e-books, 70 blogs, 1000 videos), at .
There are lots of advices in learning thinking skills in my Finnish blog of which the thinking course is in English at . In addition there are English videos about learning intelligence in my old video chanel .

Thursday, May 4, 2017

About humanoid robots

I was today around noon at the center of Savonlinna, which is a kind of medieval, arts, countryside and tourism oriented small town in Savo on eastern Finland. There walked aver a street an adult human, maybe Scottish or arts riented man, but walked in a way that resembled a NAO robot. A little bit later maybe the same person walked past me, walked very evenly and without properly taking social cantact, seemed to be with an atmosphere that was for some street but certainly not the right, and noticed clearly straight lines at the corners of houses but not much else. But I was thinking of robots, so maybe that's why so. Or then it was someone doing testing or practise for building a humanoid robot. Or it was a robot. Just behind her drove someone a bike very evenly, like one would imagine a robot to ride a bicycle. But on the other hand, robots are a subject that interests many. But it aren't nice to have such in the society. People form a complex network, a living organism kind of, interacting, relying on others, forming a pivcture of the world and picture of the situation that they are in. They rely both in others thinking and understandiong, and noticing things well like ahuman being, and they rely socially and emotionally, to live a good life, to get wiser, to build a better society, to grow in skills and style, to have friends too that they can rely on. And a robot does not offer such. It isn't good to misestimate a robot to be a human being. Animals are what we long for, cute, intelligent, wise, friendly, feeling and caring, kind of basic life that we long for, they do not have any of the drawbacks of robots. Even with actors there is the problem that one cannot rely on the other one for sure since maybe he/she just pretends. It aren't good to build a society with such pitfalls. If they come with having a tv, that is a reason to re-estimate, whether we need tv's so much, whether we should come back to the times of radio and photograpfs.
There are grounds for the choises in the human nature. In thoery one could teach tehm also to a robot. But the problem is that some want to use a robot a s a disguise for evil endeavours.
One can build strenght with a big group cooperating. That is s reason for cooperation, but on the other hadn all are not interested in strenght. But maybe one could check electroniccally, who is a robot and who noty.
Some people think that their job is idiotic, so they want to give it to a robot. But it should not be an acting robot. People need things to do. Maybe someone else would luike their job. I have written about learning talents and skills for one's dream job: but it is in Finnish.
Some think taht pure rationality is fine. But humans can learn rationality: . The human nature fits together with the wish to be rational (even in outrageous cases, see the book at the first text entry).

The wish to build more compassionate characteristics  to ordinary computers can be one motivation for building humanoid robots. But then humanoid robots ought to look like their skill level and behaviour is, and not pretend any wiser.
Maybe engineers wanna see if they can take part in other areas of life, are their views wise enough, so they kind of think that the robot'slook too even if they are copied from humans on other professions, wouldsomehowreflect the level of engineers. But of course such detailed copying brings the impression of those other professions instead.  One can learn skills by the first text in my Finnish blog .
Engineers' question seems to be: can a robot take part in everyday life? But the ordinary persons' question is: would a robot taking part in everyday life destroy much of the good sides and wisdom of everyday life? The problem is that robots are very stupid, especially in instinctual skills and wisdom & wisdom of life. So they ruin a lot. A stupid machine can be used, but it cannot be let operate by itself like a person with a good understanding and lots of good will.
Some maybe Russians and Asians think that education is somewhat robot like if they just memorized things and were forced to behave accordingly without understanding them. But humans still have common sense, social life and basic life at the level of the senses, some picture of the world, values, civilized ways and an idea of what they themselves are like and lots of communication skills. Robots are harmful largely because of their lack of communication skills: how can one stop a metallic robot which does not understand everyday language with emotional tones of voice, social content etc? The impression sis like a big metal sheet falling down with noise and sharp edges. One can maybe use such at the factory, but ordinary safety precautions require that not on the street or at homw at all.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What if technology's skills make us more stupid?

Human thinking ability needs landscape like views and maps. Driving a car teaches to think of things in a map like way as landscapes in which we live.
If we would have computer guided cars, we would most propably no longer think so much as maps, and so we would be much more stupid and irrational.
To some the same effect comes to some amount already beacuse of navigators. So it seems that portable map devices would be ok but not a navigator that chooses the route and gives advices.

Will there be the same kinf´d of effect from developing technology to replace other human like skills? Then it appears that some types of computer skills ought not be used fully in making life "easier" and much more stupid.
On the other hand, cars and books have made humand more intelligent. So maybe in such a direction lies the future of technology too.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Human recognition and human-computer interaction

Some piece of news sometime in the past years said that recognition of human emotions etc by computer is practised with actors. That is just insane: acting looks different from really doing. Of course human expressions, body language, looks and tones of voice & typical reactions should be copied from real people doing real thinsg and not just from actors with who-knows-what real intentions. What one could start from is basic things humans do like watching, listening, moving and practising sports, doing practical things. And in those there are easier parts and more difficult parts, successes and failures, so that one could learn such features from those - or from ordinary photograpfs. Then one could also understand differencies in ways of thinking: ways of using the sense of sight, remembering, going things through. If thing is done exactkly the same way, it gives the same result on anyone doing, I guess, so one does not need to understand each person separately but basic features well enough, very basic enough and that's it: all human endeavours, all ways of doing gone through objectively and detailedly.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

About internet search engines development

Internet offers lots of internet pages but all are not as good quality or as interesting as I would hope. Of the multitude of pages one finds just some recommended by search engines. So it is very important who develops internet search engines. Those should allow in a civilized way a good wide access to good quality information & other good quality content and should absolutely not be manipulative. So people with atendency to manipulation should be banned from messing with search engines. People working in the libraries have an education suited civilicedly to finding what one needs from among a large amount of information available. I think that they should get the task of developing search engines.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I have had these views since I was 12 years old

When I was twelve years old and was building my own objective picture of the world, I among other things got to think that since feelings were during the evolution (or because god chose them during creation because they were) useful for humans and animals, so useful that they came to be a part of the basic structure of humans and animals, then as computers get developed with the help of objective thinking toward more and more useful, it will be useful to build computers too something essentially like feelings of humans and animals. Maybe some days or some weeks later I came to tell this thought to my parents as we discussed things academically objectively, like our parents valued, and my father caught the idea and my mother once again said that I should begin writing my objective thoughts down since they interest many and are of important subjects and surely objective and I am responsible enough for that. But she made the error of asking advice from psychologists whether a 12 year old girl can write objective thoughts. And so the psycholgists ruined my life: instead of writing objective thoughts about the world, they made me write a diary about social tangles, and around the same time we went to a journey to Japan, I was cut a boys' hair cut for ten years (even though I very much wanted to be girl like and my dream job was dance instructior or a singer, of academical things I was closest to philosophy), my mom chose for me some ten years my clothes to be like engineering opriented boys' clothes and some drops were put to my eyes to make it possible to buy my firsts eye glasses and I still wear classes (even though I admire wild animals and healthy weays of living). When I finished school, I was forced to secondary school which I suffered from, and after that to university to study physics and math, in which I never figured out anything on my own - except a philosophical view on the wave particle dualism, which you can find on my video channel. Autumn 1998 (when I was 27) I started writing about how the elements of healthy natural ways of living help work efficency (See a later verion at but was interrupted by my final work in the university studies before gradiuation.December to March. In the change of March to April I once again got enormous problems about psychologists ruining my otherwise well running lifd, which I still have, just an enormous bunch of crimes.

I have always used several perspectives at the same time in my thinking, choosing the best option from each perspective or set of values separately but finding that it fits together with the other perspectives too and with their best options. So I did not think thatr being useful should be the only criterion for god choosing some feature in creation.

So these thoughts did not need secondary school or university studies but only the first five or six years of ordinary school for kids. I did not benefit from my further stidies at all. Much more I benefited from quitting the university and getting practise in a variety of practical things and having New Age books,music and poetry hobby, since those made me more intelligent, objectively so. (see for examplemy textsabout learning thinking skills: and the e-book at , lus my video playlists about learning rationality at .)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Of putting human oriented work to computers

Computers are not wise and do not observe much. So one cannot put a computer to a commanding or to a deciding role in things connected to humans. Much more likely one should program to computer thought structures and choices that are known to be good for many or for all, like bureaucrats' view that these things in individuals' lives need arranging, so we have figured out to offer these alternatives (that have typically been considered good) for arranging them and each person can freely choose from them an alternative for oneself, and change one's choise if one so wants - like work places, money support for different things in life, etc are offered. In addition one could put texts to computers offering information and good advice to help in choices.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Translation rights

It is ok to translate this blog and my texts on links from here, morally and objectively correctly to other languages. Please include the links to my book and to my thinking course at least in English.
But before you can make your translation available, you should check that it succeeds in communicating these things. The rationality of feelings is a subject that is difficult for most men. As the original English versions these texts communicate objective ideas, so if you are not good in objectivity or not good with new thoughts or do not have enough common sense to estimate everyday things like feelings, then please leave these texts untranslated and refer just to the original version of this blog.