Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moral feelings for a computer

About computers' rationally grounded selfishness-based moral you can read in my first blog entry and more widely in my book at my blog .
Computers' moral would be of the type of safeguarding the health of the wholes that one belongs to, especially the large wholes of the society and the whole wide world. Health is seen as fully functioning. That is how it is beneficial. Health also agrees with feelings. Aiming primarily at the health of the largest wholes that one belongs to, since they matter most to one's survival and since they are a way to arrange their parts harmonically so that they can live in peace and cooperation and prosper, so that makes this course of action moral in practice.
So a computer would have + kind of feelings to indicate that health is a good choise and - kind of feelings to indicate that brokenness, catastrophes and malfunctions are a thing to avoid, and one could name these feelings according to what they are like in human lives.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Building dream level solutions

A quotation from a leter of mine:
"lots of room left for
positive imagination according to which one can years later build
something that becomes our future. Feeling, imagination, a structured
 picture, a technical scetch according to that and an engineer building
it: this way you make dreams real! It is a good way to do and to have
in the style the posters are written and pictured: the dream kind of
works as building instructions for making it real, so you get almost
 or even totally ideal solutions this way!"