Friday, February 22, 2013

About good ways to think

Things like computer feelings get difficult to think about if one's mechanical kind of thinking is separate from teh rest of one's thinking and from one's life in practise, especially if one thinks that feelings are just nonsense from a mechanical point of view. But if one thinks of mechanical things via the seen structure of experienced things, for example feelings, then all one's life and mechanical computer programmable things are easy to fit together, easy to think even complex thoughts about life mechanically.

The thinking course at might help.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A guess of how to program an understanding of music to a computer

In learning to compose music, I have learned that healthy wholes sing and often (or always?)  each observation of a healthy whole in a landscape sings as a note. Bigger wholes sing a lower notes and minor wholes as hig notes, but also the degree of health of that whole and the healthy spirit of emphasizing such a part in the whole landscape affect the pitch of that note: depressed sings low and weak while joyful and hope sing high. So maybe one could translate a song to "wholes of this size this healthy in this order determined by the way of doing, state of mind and way of looking". These wholes would mainly be areas of life of an individual and areas of life of the social group & society - often indicated by tones of voice, style etc. The song could be seen as advice on strategy of life.