Monday, July 23, 2012

Just a scetch: bird song

Computers and bird song
What is intelligence? The ability to affect things toward better a lot with little effort, and in as important questions as possible, without any drawbacks or failures. What could be a better example of this than the little singing birds and the trees? Just by sitting on a branch of a tree and singing gaily the little birds affect our views of natural healthy ways of living and doing things - and affect them always toward better. What could be more central to our success in life than those things? So in their own ways the little singing birds are very intelligent. Toward that leads the observation that in the wild animals' lives the senses, quick reactions and social skills are very important and intelligence an important asset too, so the observational capacity of wild animals must be excellent for them to saty alive and well, and that is largely the same as intelligence and wisdom of life. When we go to a park or wander in the wild nature, we feel refreshed and ind of more alive. What was a burden in the city, feels easier to bear, even emotional wisdom seems once again a practical possibility in our own lives, we are more in touch with our own nature, with our instructions of usage. So we need the wisdom of the nature. We should not constrict ourselves and our thoughts to a purely build environment and to purely schooled informatrion. We need the nature and our understanding needs it too. So as we build computers capable of understanding human language and schooled kinds of thoughts, we should also build them a way to understand the messages of little singing birds and the rest of the nature, about good wise ways of doing things, ways that are build in our own nature as seen best by the evolution or by God's wise planning. We are not separate, we feel most happy when we are in touch with teh rest of the nature, then are we at our most energetic, the are we most wise.

Bird song uses music like information about good ways to do things, emotional information about motivation and information about the sphere of attention. Different people differ largely bacause they use different ways of doing things: one is concentrated to one area of life and another mainly to some other area of life. What one cancentrates into, the basic functions that are in use each second, like seeing, hearing, thinking, remembering, feeling, being compassionate, communicating, moving, etc., determine what it is exactly what one does and so also ´how one succeeds in each kind of task. Each type of area of life has it's own style and can be communicated naturally in ways that reflect that style. By learning good "styles" i.e. good ways to do things we grow wiser, more talented and more skilled. Human songs typically teach different viewpoints to life, different social styles, different ways to live. Bird songs are like many human songs in a row very quickly, for example four human songs in three seconds. To uderstand bird song one would need to see the whole landscape and what happens there and what the bird himself/herself does, and so what he/she is commenting about. Typical bird comments are either compassionate emoyionaL EXPLANATIONS ABOUT HAPPENINGS RIGHT NOW OR YIPE YIPE DO IT THIS STYLE BETTER HURRY UP comments.

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