Sunday, July 15, 2012

Onwards: robot's free time

If humans copy from robots all inds of things, it would be handy, dearly needed that a robot would have free time too. For the human version of this, see
Often it is handy if you have a big computer taing care of some tas instead of a machine with a small capacity. But as computers develop, a machine with a huge capacity can be dangerous if it does not have a proper objective picture of the whole world and some practical experience of all kinds of matters outside it's work too. So in order to allow machines of huge capacity, one should give them often enough free time in all inds of tasks which build a better understanding of what to do in the large world and what to avoid doing. Without this precaution one should avoid using machines of huge capacity... So, a robot too needs some free time!
Humans have this interdependency of capacity and free time inbuild: see the above link! Probably it would be safest to have it inbuild in robots and other machines too!

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