Monday, July 23, 2012

A scetch: valuing music

There is an easy mechanical model that produces the beautiful view that what kind of music sings best is the wisest choice to choose:
All biological things function best when healthy and in a healthy relationship with the rest of the world which too should be perfectly healthy. If one defines health of artificial things as 1) fully functioning, 2) optimized toward several purposes at the same time (like endurancy, several tasks, learning ability etc., like the evolution or Go'sw wise planning did to living beings) and 3) used wisely = rationally in the light of one's whole objective picture of the world = meaningfully in the world. Then all functioning works best when all wholes are healthy. In the living beings the ideally healthy is most energetic, wise and happy: in learning to compose music one sees that such sings best. Of the artificial, the healthy we can use to make our lives and the wide world better: that too sings best of artificial things.
So when you hear beautiful music, you could ask: "Which things are so healthy here that they sound this beautiful?" That way a machine could understand your point of view. Maybe a machine too could learn to listen to music and to value it's beauty...

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