Thursday, October 19, 2017

Side-step: knitting

Many women would like to try if they can think of computers in some way that benefits fromknitting, since both have kind of mechanical parts from which to build something more complex. I do not know if there is anything much that one can learn that way, but propably many would like to try anyway, since they psend a lot of time knitting. So here are knitting advices that I have made, translated from Finnish to English . But I haven't knitted much. The first usable cloth that I have knitted was last year December a pair of mittens:

4.12.2017   There are many knitting advices in my text already: loops, socks, mittens, counting, figures, threads, work rythm, planning & correcting errors, etc
My opinion is that since computers are mechanical, kind of stupid, and knitting has the same fault too, there isn't much that one could learn by knitting. But on the other hand if one knits figures or pictures, then there is the sma that like a computer does, one knits for a certain time on a certain colour and then according to some rule it ends on some row at a certain point and one continues with another colour, like a computer with another task or another phace of the same task. One the next row one often knits with the same colours, so it too is like a computer having simple tasks from which it mechanically builds the end result, like for example a picture to the computer screen or the text on the screen. One can also learn work habits: how do I rise above the stupid level to produce something fine, which of course usually goes carried by other more complex and wise areas of life. There is also the fact that even though the task itself is simple and does not give rise to any fine thinking, it is important to think through ways of doing and ways of working, work habits and planning phaces with a good understanding about life, skills and ways of doing at large, endurancy, motivation, comfortability at work etc, plus also about whether one oneself wants to spend lots of time in such tasks and how one should communicate about whether one likes knitting or not.

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