Saturday, July 8, 2017

User-friendliness of present-day computers

This is not theory but an observation.
I used to live in the capital district of Finland where people are academical and see computers quite like engineers. Then 8 years ago I moved to eastern Finland to Savonlinna which is a countryside town with an aóld castle where an opera festival is kept every July and where travel, art, countryside with summer cottages and practical professions, maybe elderly and religion are important as sourcesof income and giving characteristics to the district.
Here in Savonlinna I first bought a black portable computer because my old table computer had gotten broken, but I did not get the black computer to work and the style of the problems had some style of criminals. So I sold it and bought a white portable computer which was good to write with, kind of good for diligent work with an objective picture of the whole, handy like things at academical wrok and kind of tidy. When it got broken, I bought a red portable computer with a black keyboard (hp) which is kind of leisurely, with easy shortcuts, easy to use but not for engineering type of computer work, found myself enjoying sitting by the computer writing,a dding pictures or maybe watching a musical, reading news etc, it is kind of like an old woolen sock: not so fine looks but comfortable to use. So the colours of the computers seem to connect with the way they are handy to use, which is good to know.
This summer I also bought a printer (hp DeskJet 2130) from Savonlinna It was cheap but printed nice style like holiday or fine or opera or summer cottage, kind of like an old man in sound and rythm, and it hasn't disturbed me at all like other printers in the odl times. I feel that I have found a way to get along with the computers and so the future with computers as needed equipment seems much more easy to bear. I have the impression that in these things success means much better löife in the society, and so a less questioned place for the technology too.
In Savonlinna one learns skills for practical proessions, art,  travel and religion, aslo for creating peaceful life like grandmama's and -papa's house. In Finnish I have written advices about learning such skills: . Maybe those could be of some use in learning also things like this.

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