Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Information in the internet

Lots of good suggestions come to the ones in the office of some hobby organization, work place or so. But the office does not spread so much of that information to the whole organization plus to the people interested in the subject. So there should be a discussion group to which send such input.
And since when interested in soem subject it would be very important to find information about it's main skills, general picture of the world, values and of different subjects in that area, and not just about the latest posts. This is why the discussion group should not be organized on a time scale but instead on depending on which subjects the texts are about and what are the best sources of information about them, even if they are years and years old but stil valid, still the reason many white abouty smaller details, because good material already exists and all are not as skilled in the subjects, so one would like to read the best material even if it is old. And find it immediately and not only after managing to organize the material in some other way.

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