Saturday, April 21, 2018

About building military robots

I do not have much more to say about building military robots. Those seem to reflect the interests and cultures of the nations that build them. So that they are in the area of negotiation skills, knowing cultures and social eye. But beneficality grounds for moralquarantee that one can build military robots to be moral and that isn't a drawback for them but instead is advantageous to military force, to the well working of one's nation and to it's position. But in each case that may depend on the local views on moral, since all of them do not necessarily have beneficality grounds.
Likewise there may be many types of social eye and lot depend on which group is considered to handle well the tasks with social eye, since they do not necessarily have the same values, the same school background, not even be of the same nation or race. In hat it does matter that the choices would still respect what ios a big question and what is a small one, like if one gets classified to be of a certain type with certain endeavours, that does not allow one to mishandle large scale questions and other big things, not even if one is (mis)classified as the best one in them. Still that is how socially skilled not moral persons often mishandle things, values and persons' whole lives. The Finnish culture has some skills of classifying what one is presently doing and what it means from the point of view of larger wholes and of good life in good living circumstancies.

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