Sunday, March 4, 2018

About the future of the internet

Observe! This is not my by far most noteworthy text about the future of computers. Fot my main text about the future of computersters, which classifies as philosophy, see the earliest post of thius blog

About the future of the internet

As internet has gotten some years older, it seems that the is coming a higher standard of the quality of the material in the internet, and thatlibrarians' education in information science(?) would have good skills in classifying, finding and offering for a wide audience also the materials in the internet. Mostly roughly different classifications, different places to find material of different type, like pictures, or videos, or texts, or shops, is  in a way handy, while of course is needed the possibility to use them to making internet pages etc. Also classifications around some subject or class of things like hobby groups, and links in between is often handy. But first attempts at producing material, maybe in the long run are not the main content of the internet from the point of view of users, except that often first attempts are with a good spirit, diligent work and so in a way of very good quality. My opinion is that there should not be very personal material in the internet, or it may go to wrong hands who do not themselves observe such, respect such, do not follow civilized ways - unless of course the security measures are made much much better and people learn a new way of guarding privacy and their personal rights especially against people from different continents, from very different cultures. The use of the internet in helping to use everyday and work devices seems likely and handy, even though in it too, security measures and a not too wide environment would be needed. At large it seems that being totally global isn't a good idea, since the culturaldifferencies, differencies in climate and consequently in rythm and needed character traits are huge, and so are the differencies in main professions, military circumstancies, etc, so that often a more local approach or maybe to read pages in the internet, to which you can only come via a certain route (pictures, information (characteristics), steps needed to go there) to visit, to always inform and remind you of the distance and the nature of the area whose pages you visit.

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