Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What if technology's skills make us more stupid?

Human thinking ability needs landscape like views and maps. Driving a car teaches to think of things in a map like way as landscapes in which we live.
If we would have computer guided cars, we would most propably no longer think so much as maps, and so we would be much more stupid and irrational.
To some the same effect comes to some amount already beacuse of navigators. So it seems that portable map devices would be ok but not a navigator that chooses the route and gives advices.

Will there be the same kinf´d of effect from developing technology to replace other human like skills? Then it appears that some types of computer skills ought not be used fully in making life "easier" and much more stupid.
On the other hand, cars and books have made humand more intelligent. So maybe in such a direction lies the future of technology too.

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