Saturday, November 29, 2014

Taking humans' emotional views into account

For taking humans' emotional view into account the computer could use the biological picture of humans. What a human does or feels, has it's biological ground in healthy natural functioning. Other kind of functioning too consists of pieces of healthy functioning, with maybe some errors in rational views or lacks in observational capacity. So whatever the human feels, can be seen in the context of healthy natural life and as such it has it's motivation from the point of view of long-term survival that  at requires  caring also the world to a good state. So emotional points of view have rational grounds which a selfish ruler or the like can take into account much or fully according to feelings and moral.
About this kind of picture of humans, see and the book at a link from there
and the text World is of love
maybe also the end (about feelings and atmospheres in thinking) of the thinking course at

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  1. I agree that a computer that is able to model the emotional nature of human thinking is also able to provide a better user interface and level of service.

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