Sunday, April 1, 2012

Remarks about military robots

See "Army robots running wild CURED".

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How would you define "an enemy" to a military robot?
In what comes ti the moral of the robot, it would make sense to define enemy like behaviour of anyone. If one includes a picture of how for security reasons one cannot let Arab looking persons enter US headquarters or any other outsider coming from a fighting territory to change group just like that, since it could be an enemy plot, then thaT WHOLENESS OF GRPOUPS i.e. the independency of countries and the need for security measures could make the military robot attack suspiciously behaving soldiers. But most of all military robots would be needed against other military robots and there the suspicious behaviour of a robot could be quite much the same.
In what comes to moral of an army robot, it should safeguard the good of it's nation via safeguarding the good health of the world. So it could be peaceful at the same time as very protective: it could accept moral behaviour from all and protect against harm from anybody.

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Since feelings are a way of looking at a robot instead of necessarily anything extra in the robot itself, also military robots could be seen as having feelings. Since it would be useful fort them to have the ability to estimate things right, they could have the view of a holistically objective person and so his/her emotional life largely too.

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I found a paper called "How just could a robot war be?". If I remember right, it is from the NATO. But I am not sure. Without rereading it I begun to ponder, what the robot moral that I have made, could do in a robot war. In a war, a robot could be optimized for benefit as long as it is in harmony with the good of it's mother nation. Such optimizing could bring moral, even perfect moral according to robot's best ability. But how much is that ability and what happens in practical war situations: how does the robot behave then and how is just that the optimized choice?
Like for a human being, own intelligence if a robot makes it's choices wiser. So intelligence is a good choise. For a robot it means first mathematics and maps, then via their help scientifical kind of objectivity. Via better sensors and a picture of humans as animals with certain basic functions like eyesight, moving, thinking, memory, communication, feelings, goals, needs and values, a picture of the world and social bonding, via these and the social eye that needs to be developed for communicational purposes, robots could across time understand also human needs and the behaviour related to the various human needs. An objective view much like bureaucrats have ("You need these things in your life, what are the ways available for you to get them? Let's arrange a possibility for you to get them in harmony with the rest of the society.") could allow robot-made peaceful solutions that tae into account the real dynamics of humans.
Like in human societies, a certain amount of independent judgement ability for a robot, could safeguard the cooperating group against malfunctions and misleading information. Each robot ought to have a good practical picture of what it itself does and why, and a much more vague idea of the whole group, it's actions, their place in the world, a holistic theoretical picture of the whole world that allows optimizing toward moral, and an understanding of why the choices of it's group are the best ones in such a situation - it could also communicate about these things, even suggest better options.
A war situation in mechanical language is of the type "do I do this or that, how much of this and how much of that, what is the goal setting, how do I reach it this way, is there better option,...". A robot does decisions like stay here, move, shout, shoot, use the radio, take cover, choose another route, stay clear of other robot's way, watch the landscape, etc. Of these it can do too much, too little or ok. It can choose all wrong or even roughly right. If it has movements that can have a threatening or non-threatening style according to the situation, it can herd the situation toward wanted results, also toward communication and peaceful agreeable solutions. In optimization worst threaths are fought against and lots of room left for wanted peaceful solutions that are helped with communication and secure bases for one's own groups (unless retreat is sought for).

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