Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Future of Technology and of It's Use

The future with technology and computers

At first technology affects ways of thinking as people try to figure out what the technology's point of view says about things in it's block like calculating kind of language. As computers develop, this way of thinking will develop too toward more scientifically objective and then later on toward really objective that can handle many kinds of matters.
At first computers will demand more time from humans. They will change the way work is done and free time arranged. Presently humans just wait while the computer follows it's mechanical roads. But as time passes, computers will become easier and easier to use. They will propably have videos about things they handle, picturial clear routes to catch wanted things etc. So the humans will no longer need to spend time IN NASTY KIND OF COMPUTER WORK BUT WILL FIND THE COMPUTERS AN ENJOYABLE AND EASY TO USE INTEGRATED PART OF THEIR DAILY LIVES much like a navigator already is intertwined with the act of driving a car, watching around and getting to know new places at the same time as being reactive to the varying situations in the traffic. Like we have a mobile phone at hand when we walk on the street, likewise we will in the future have technology at hand, in use like nowadays traffic signs, phones, ensyclopedias, professionally skilled employes, a car of one's own etc. Most likely we will find technology like a cloth or a wrist clock: something we always carry, atke care of and use with so much familiarity and skill that it needs no extra concentration.

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